Pay By Phone Parking

pay by phone

Pay By Phone Parking

The Board of Trustees, Administrator and I, are excited to inform you that you can now Pay By Phone For Parking in The Village of Elmsford.

If you are dining, shopping, or at an appointment at one of our wonderful businesses you can pay for parking by your phone now. The Pay By Phone App can remind you a few minutes before the time runs out. This way you do not have to run back out to put more money in the meter, you can do it right from your phone to add additional time.

You will still be able to pay for parking by putting coins directly into the meters.

If you do not have a smartphone, you can pay by phone by calling 877-727-5730.

We are phasing in the locations throughout the Village a little at a time, some at the metered spaces and some at the non-metered spaces.

The meters that are ready to Pay By Phone have green stickers on them identifying the zone number and space number and there are green signs on poles in the area like the examples on back.

The non-metered areas that are ready to Pay By Phone have green signs on poles in the area like the example on back.

The company we chose to use is ParkMobile. This company is being used in some of our neighboring Communities and they have had great success with them.

Start: Download the Free ParkMobile App on your phone.  Second: Create an account.

Once you have created an account you are ready to Pay By Phone, just follow the App instructions on your phone. Please note there is a user fee added to the transaction on top of the cost to park. This goes to the company to manage the App. Same as in other communities.


Robert Williams