Parking Violations

Payment Options for Parking Violations/Summons

  • Pay online at
  • Money order for full amount due made payable to "Elmsford Village Court" 
  • In person with Cash (exact amount only -- we do not make change) or a Visa/MasterCard (subject to a convenience charge). 

There are also three (3) options to answer a Parking Summons:

  1. A plea of guilty may be entered along with payment either by mail or in person.
  2. A plea of Not Guilty may be entered with the court by mail or in person and a Pre-Trial Conference date will be sent back to you advising you when to appear in court.
  3. Guilty with an explanation may be entered orally before the Judge when court is in session. You should call the court to see when you may be able to come and speak with the Judge.

Parking Violations that go unanswered will incur additional penalties. The fine will increase after thirty (30) days after the ticket's return date, an addition $5 penalty will be added sixty (60) days after return date, and yet another $5 and will be added ninety (90) days after return date. Additional penalties may accrue thereafter.

Also, with the cooperation of the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles, the court is able to designate as “Scofflaw” a person with three (3) or more outstanding parking summonses acquired within an eighteen (18) month period and New York State Motor Vehicles will be able to prevent you from registering your vehicle.

Please note the following policies and regulations:

  • There is no discount prescribed by law for making payment on the same day a ticket is issued. Additionally, there is no discount prescribed by law for paying before the prescribed due date printed on the parking ticket. 
  • As per legislative statute, tickets issued for 'Expired Inspection' or 'Expired Registration' are not dismissible administratively by Court Clerk Staff upon proof of inspection or registration renewal. Please see above for options as to answering a parking ticket.